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Nezha slid in Aggiornamento 18.1. Modifica Scheda. Frictionless Modifica. Nezha has reduced friction on the ground, greatly increasing the distance of ground slides. --> Abilità Modifica. Fire Walker. Blazing Chakram. Warding Halo. Divine Spears. Forza Durata Portata Nezha/Info. Nezha/Equip. Nezha/Patch History. Nezha/Media. Warframe. Warding Halo beyond 30k - potencially 513% str by THeMooN85, last updated on Jul 9, 2019. 6 Forma 256 Platinum 149220 Endo - Hello there, This is the strongest build you can ever build, a real potential, tank over tanks, one of the strongest Frame that could be built. Think about Prime Nezha:D So. why potentially? Well, you have to gain.

Nezha tip: Set highest possible duration and power strength, do void defense mission, activate laser then stand in front of the laser and use warding halo, run across. 26/04/2019 · The reworked Nezha is brilliant and my go to default frame. The only problem it has is the uncontrollable nature of the last part of Warding Halo's coverage since the final hit that takes it down will then hit you with the rest of the damage. Discussion Nezha's Warding Halo Damage Reduction: Nerf or Buff? self.Warframe submitted 8 months ago by RaspicaBlue I sexually identify as a chopper gunner. For those of you not in the loop, the damage resistance has been lowered from 100% to 90%.

Question Question about Nezha: Warding Halo self.Warframe submitted 3 years ago by tennostar. So. When playing WF with my hubs, and he is Nezha, we have noticed that when he has Warding Halo up and I stand near him, his energy color surrounds me. 21/12/2018 · After Many tests I have concluded that nezhas Warding halo actually takes 3 times the amount of damage it should, An example for context: Shooting an Ogris at the floor under me deals 180 damage to my shields ogris has no mods Nezha mods are.

11/01/2016 · Warding Halo =/= Iron Skin Well, this should be the rule of any ability and must work with any two other abilities. Were not talking about Divine Spears being too similar with another Rhinos ability HAVE A GUESS:D, and certainly not about Fire Walker somehow being. Warding Halo Create a protective ring of fire, that also stuns and damages enemies who get too close. Divine Spears Impale nearby enemies on spears that erupt from the below. Activate again to slam surviving enemies back into the ground. NEZHA builds. Warding Halo 3 has it's health calculated off of Armor and Power Strength at time of casting. As such, casting Warding Halo when you have 3 health conversion orbs, or when Arcane Guardian procs results in considerably stronger halos; Warding Halo 3 gives a short window of time at the start where damage is converted to extra halo health.

NEZHA Build - Warding Halo beyond 30k

Nezha already has a very high base armor and his third ability Warding Halo scales with that exact stat. So building more armor and activating your third skill will make you super tanky – if you use the right build. Using Steel Fiber should be an auto-include. Warding Halo will allow Nezha to absorb a very large amount of damage, making him almost untouchable by enemies. Blazing Chakram will deal exceptional damage to enemies at the cost of more energy. Range is increased fairly to allow Nezha to use Blazing Chakram to do explosion damage during Fire Walker and to deal heavy damage with Divine Spears. Nezha’s third ability is Warding Halo. Nezha creates a protective ring of fire around himself, making him immune to status effects and reducing all incoming damage until it is destroyed. This ring has a base health which is increased based on Nezha’s armor. The ring is. Further, enemies that get within 2m of Nezha are staggered and dealt 125 Slash Damage per second. When the Health of the Halo is depleted, it will expel a wave of Heat Damage, afflicting 100% Heat Status to any affected enemies and making Nezha invulnerable for 1 second. Warding Halo is affected by Ability Strength and Range mods.

They keep going down and then blame Nezha rather than realizing that Warding Halo is actually pretty damn good at keeping him alive if they'd just use it. These people then advise others that Nezha just inherently has no use at all except for the mastery fodder and to stick to Rhino, so it just sort of perpetuates itself. This page was last edited on 18 November 2018, at 22:39. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

Nezha is one of the most durable frames in the game. Our Armored Aurora build utilizes the Warding Halo skill making it also an extremely tanky frame. Check out our best Warframe builds at. Nezha is not too easy to build and have possibilities a lot for builds This is my own build for Nezha Calm down, I can explain this messy build. Aura Corrosive Projection for high level enemies with a lot of armor, is helpful Primed Flow for - 600 energy Transient FortitudeIntensify for more damage absorption in Warding Halo and damage in. Overall, it’s just a well-rounded Nezha build. You have a ton of damage reduction from Warding Halo. You have some croud control from Divine Spears, some ability from Fire Walker, and Blazing Chakram gives you all the damage you need on top of giving you sustain on both health and energy. And that’s pretty much all I wanted to say.

Nezha's Warding Halo Damage ReductionNerf.

Any decent builds for Nezha or advice? Build. Warding Halo Tank. Warding Halo is pretty much Iron Skin. Armor is great for helping with increasing the damage buffer with Warding Halo. Intensify can be swapped for Blind Rage or Transient Fortitude if necessary. Warding Halo provides Nezha with some damage negation and Fire Walker provides a slight sprint speed boost. Note: All mods and warframes are max rank unless stated otherwise. All primed mods can be substituted with the non-primed versions, however,.

24/08/2016 · Since Nezha is more of a high-Mastery level tier Warframe, it's safe to assume that a fellow Nezha has a well-kitted Warding Halo of their own. Unless you see one below level 7, then they might not have unlocked it yet. In which case, go help that squishy. Warding Halo functions as a damage reduction shield and it also damages and stuns nearby enemies when they're too close. It's base is around 2500-3000 points only. However there's a 3-second invincibility period where it absorbs damage and adds it to the Halo by 250%. Warding Halo - Nezha creates a protective ring of fire that can stun and damage opponents that get too close. Divine Spears - Nezha impales opponents with energy spears that erupt from the ground, impaled targets are left incapacitated and helpless.

21/01/2016 · So my nezha is building and i more or less have a build planned for her, mainly focused around efficiency and power. However, in doing so my duration is gonna go down to 50% or so. Looking on the wiki her abilities dont seem to duration based but would it help to have a little more. 5 energy per second to run faster and light enemies on fire is REALLY too much. 2 energy per second is much better and people would definitely use the ability more. As for warding halo, it is a basically just a weaker version of iron skin that costs more for no reason. And unlike ironskin, you can't refresh it or heal it. Rhino has TWO AUGMENTS. Warding Halo: Nezha gets surrounded by a moving circle around him. It protects Nezha from incoming physical damage from aliens. Also, the protective ring also kills enemies which gets too close to Nezha. Use: num 3 Key. Divine Spears: Nearby enemies get injected with a.

Good all around Nezha build. I replaced health conversion with gladiator resolve to get that extra bit of health for warding halo. Use chakram as a debuff and to refill health if needed.

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